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New advancements in lens options will add to your comfort, and selecting the right eyeglass lens depends largely on its function. We will talk about keywords like weight, thinner plastics, scratch resistance, anti-glare coats, UV protection, photochromics, tints and more. Proper lenses will make your glasses attractive, functional, and sturdy. From single vision lenses to progressive polycarbonate lenses, we are happy to help you find what best suits your needs. Whether it’s scratch resistance for glasses that are put on and removed often, or anti-glare coating for ongoing comfort from hours at your computer screen or under fluorescent lights, we have an on-site lab that can custom craft your eyeglasses to suit your needs.

Regardless of your situation, Dr. Bell and our staff can help determine what types of lenses will work best for you in terms of comfort, function, and design.



Glasses in about HALF an hour!!
One of the big eye-chains out there really wants you to know that they can make your glasses in "about an hour". Well, for many prescriptions, we can do it in about half as long! How?? Our highly trained opticians and efficiently run lab allow us to make glasses while you wait.

Which prescriptions can you make the same day?
We can make most single-vision clear glasses on site, right away, including polycarbonate lenses (lighter, thinner, impact resistant, scratch resistant, and UV coated) and even anti-glare coated lenses. For some of the more complex lenses and mountings (such as multifocals, sunglasses and drill-mounts) we use a handful of local outside labs with high quality standards equal to our own. We usually receive these glasses within a few days to a week. If you need your glasses done ASAP, we are happy to do everything in our power to make it happen.

Do you accept prescriptions from other offices?
We are glad to fill any valid prescription. With our wide selection of clear and sunglass frames, and our friendly, knowledgeable optical staff, we're certain that you will leave with the best-looking frames and lenses available. Let us help you discover the options that will best suit your lifestyle and fashion needs.


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